DIY Dog Wipes That Are So Good You’ll Use Them Yourself

Dog wipes are one of the handiest things to have on hand. Bathing too frequently strips a dog’s coat of its skin’s natural oils, making wipes a far better option for anyone who wants to keep their pooch clean and fresh. With affordable all-natural ingredients and recipe instructions that are easier than you’d ever imagine, these homemade dog bath wipes are the best.

All that it takes to make your own wipes is a roll of heavy-duty paper towel and a few extra ingredients like apple cider vinegar, hot water, and some essential oils. Don’t be surprised if you end up using these wipes for far more than just your animals, as they’re healthy, handy, and completely hypoallergenic. Always remember to dilute your essential oils, especially tea tree, and pack away your wipes safely in somewhere that they’ll stay moist.

This is a highly effective method for making your own dog and animal wipes. The cleaning power is effective, and the essential oils guarantee that all bugs and other nasties won’t stick around either. They’re good enough for humans too. Making your own homemade bath wipes for dogs, any other pets, or even humans, is quick, cheap, and easy.

DIY Dog Wipes That Are So Good You\'ll Use Them Yourself