Adorable Golden Retriever Uses Fluffy Bunny Rabbit Friends As Pillows

We all know that videos of cute animals can quickly go viral. When one friendly golden retriever cuddles up with his fluffy bunny rabbit friends, the internet couldn’t help but fall in love. The two rabbits must have a lot of trust in their canine companion.

Bailey is a well-trained golden retriever who shares his home with two adorable rabbits. Sam and Charlotte are the two bunnies that have an unlikely bond with Bailey. One of their favorite spots to hang out together is on their owner’s bed.

The three cuddle up together, and the bunnies allow Bailey to use them as a fluffy pillow. Many times, people are hesitant to bring animals like dogs in contact with smaller animals like rabbits or guinea pigs due to the fear of canines acting on instinct.

Golden retrievers are known for how gentle they are to humans and other animals. Bailey proves this by giving his two bushy-tailed friends lots of kisses. You can tell that Sam and Charlotte love cuddling up underneath Bailey.

There’s nothing quite as cute as animals playing with each other on camera. When Bailey, a golden retriever, befriends two fluffy bunnies, the three instantly become best friends. Enjoying a cuddle, Bailey uses the two bunny rabbits as a cozy place to rest her head. #Dogs #Bunnies #Rabbits #Pets