Giggling horses burst out laughing at man’s bad parking skills

Giggling horses

Imagine the hassles you go through when trying to park your car in a tight spot. The nervousness is unspoken. Imagine a scenario where you have a trailer attached to the vehicle and do the parking without an assistant.

A man (possibly an amateur driver) wants to park a trailer attached to his car without parking assistance. In particular, he has to do the parking in front of a team of horses that aren’t just regular horses- they give maniac laughter on every move he makes.

This could be too much to imagine. Nonetheless, it is the piece adopted by Volkswagen to show the carmaker’s potential clients the power of the Volkswagen Tiguan trailer assist system after its release in 2016.

The man’s inability to reverse into the reserved parking spot with the trailer attached to his car is a clear trigger for the silly yet contagious laughter from the horses in the surrounding.

The horses’ crazy laugh becomes more intense each time the driver’s frustrations get intense. Finally, bored with the animals’ mocking laugh, the driver decides to slide up the side door windows just to free his ears from the ‘disturbing voices’ as he concentrates.

The driver finally gives up and drives off, leaving the horses in the middle of the laughter. Ultimately, however, the horses’ epic fun comes to a standstill when the Volkswagen Tiguan Driver takes the driveway as he tries his maneuvers and puts the truck in its deserved place.

There is a strong contrast between the two drivers and their parking skills. In particular, the advertisement sought to convince the audience that one’s size never determines his cues. Thus, the slimmer guy with the VW Tiguan makes perfect parking compared to his corpulent counterpart.

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Giggling horses burst out laughing at man\'s bad parking skills