This Little Girl Was Lost In The Woods For 15 Hrs. But How She Survived? I Can’t Believe It…

When it comes to our children we can’t say enough positive things about them. We love them so much and would do absolutely anything for them.  They are our pride and joy and we love them to pieces.  The same goes for our pets.  Obviously we love our children more but our pets are close seconds and we would do a lot for them as well.

So when you have a child that is all of a sudden lost and there is nothing you can do to help them it is more than a little understandable that you, as their parent, would be beyond worried and panicked.  This is what happened for one family one February evening.

This little three year old daughter Victoria was outside and was lost.  The police and fire departments were called any many volunteers scoured the area looking for little Victoria but she was no where to be found.  As worried as her parents were there was one bright ray of hope, their beloved dog Blue was also missing.  Blue had always been very protective of Victoria and so they knew that the two had to be together.

The search went on all throughout the freezing night and finally 15 hours later they spotted little Victoria with her trusted dog Blue.  Blue had been able to keep the little girl safe and warm during the freezing night and is entirely credited to keeping Victoria alive.  To hear the full story click on the video above, we promise it is an amazing story!

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This Little Girl Was Lost In The Woods For 15 Hrs. But How She Survived? I Can\'t Believe It...