He Left A Pack Of German Shepherds Alone. But I Couldn’t Believe Myself When This Happened…

This man has an uncanny relationship with his dogs. It is amazing to see how this dog trainer has such unbelievable control over his pack of German Shepherds. He doesn’t even need a single leash when he goes out exploring with his dogs! German Shepherds are known for being extremely intelligent, but also fiercely loyal to their owners. This owner has clearly formed a strong bond with each of his dogs.

Augusto Deoliveira says he grew up surrounded by dogs on a farm and that he learned to communicate with them the same way they communicate with each other. He also says that the dogs look up to him as the leader of their pack, which is one reason they don’t wander off. I can’t imagine how much patience and time it took to train these beautiful canines.

First we see them walking in the woods and he gives the “heel” command, so they all walk in a straight line next to him and very close to each other. When they come to a small road, he gives the “down” command while he checks to see if it is safe to cross. They all instantly lie down in a straight line. Amazing.

When he tells them to stay, they can choose what to do. Sit, lie down, stand still, it is up to them. That is incredible to me that they understand this so well.

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He Left A Pack Of German Shepherds Alone. But I Couldn\'t Believe Myself When This Happened...