Golden retriever treats baby bunnies as own children

A gentle golden retriever takes on the responsibilities of motherhood when she takes care of four sweet bunnies.

Four baby bunnies have a new mom thanks to a lovable golden retriever. The bunnies, only weeks old, believe the tenderhearted dog is their mother.

Fortunately, the golden retriever does not seem to mind at all, lying comfortably on a bed while the bunnies hop around her and snuggle in her fur.

And if this family was not unconventional enough, they are also joined by a friendly blue and white parakeet, a curious bird who plays with the bunnies.

Together, they make up one of the sweetest and most adorable families on the planet, a group of cute and fun-loving young animals.

They are proof that a family can come in all different forms – even different species. It is clear that they will be together for many years to come.

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Golden retriever treats baby bunnies as own children