Vigilant brother pup caring for his special needs sister

Star and Denver may seem to be your average puppy pair at first glance. They are constantly playing and having fun together.

But Star and Denver’s story wasn’t always as perfect as it looks. As newborns, they were left to survive on the side of the road in Louisiana together with their mom and 6 more puppies.

Of course, they got found and taken care of. The people kept the mother dog and assisted the puppies in finding a new home for themselves.

Nowadays, there are a lot of abandoned puppies, and the rescue center was already overwhelmed. Fortunately, the saviors contacted the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego.

As soon as they arrived at the center, people realized that Star had special needs. While the other dogs were running around and playing, she was trying to explore her surroundings.

But Denver has always had her back. He doesn’t mind being her eyes and ears. Meanwhile, she’s moving slowly and mapping the shelter, her temporary home.

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Vigilant brother pup caring for his special needs sister