Grandma bursts into laughter realizing her mini-horses have a plan.

There’s a magical place called White Tail Farm situated on 100+ acres in Charles County, Maryland — just 48 miles north of Fredericksburg, VA.

On the White Tail Farm, you’ll meet “Grandma,” the lucky lady who raises mini horses as well as her grandbabies.

Grandma knows all about raising horses. She knows their thick coats and luxurious manes will keep them warm on a brisk winter’s day, so she decides to take them out to romp around in the snow with her grandkids.

Even though it was the mini-horses first winter, they boldly embraced the snow, gleefully joining the grandkids on some sledding fun.

At first, Grandma thought everything was normal. Then, however, she was overwhelmed with excitement when she read the mini-horses minds as they followed her grandkids, playing a game of “follow the leader.”

Total excitement comes when the grandkids take a surprise U-turn as he sleds downhill. All the mini horses follow the kid, not knowing that the journey was short-lived as the sled gets stuck in the middle of the trip.

It is incredible how the leading mini horse behaves when he realizes that he has overtaken the ‘real’ leader seconds after he takes a stop. The little guy learns that he’s going nowhere then comes back to check on the grandkid as the other ponies gather around!

Her grandson will look back on this priceless moment forever. Much thanks to Grandma for recording this rare, magical moment of hilarity and innocence for our friends to enjoy.

Pure happy energy! I love spontaneous laughter!

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Grandma bursts into laughter realizing her mini-horses have a plan.