It’s something that you remember yourself as a child/teenager ” having to practically be dragged out of bed each morning to go to school. If you DID get up well before going to school, then I think you’re a mutant. That’s not normal – at least not to me. This video here shows that same struggle, though it doesn’t go quite as planned for the adult who wants to get their kid out of bed.

We see the morning ritual of nearly every school-aged child across the world ” parents attempting to get their sleepyheaded child out of bed to go to school before they are tardy. This one has an even better wrinkle than usual – a husky is laying on top of the child’s chest and he has NO intentions of letting this kid out of bed. He’s too comfortable himself with the lumpy resting spot for him.

The husky makes life VERY difficult for the would-be waker-upper. He play-snaps at the kid’s mother or grandmother’s hand as she tries to move the blanket. Even better, if she DOES succeed in getting a corner of the blanket off the boy, the dog snatches it with his mouth and pulls it back over the kid. This whole time, the kid is laughing his head off. Wouldn’t you, at the absurdity of the whole thing? I know I was.

I can just imagine the conversation that this kid had with his first period teacher. ‘Why were you late?’ ‘My dog wouldn’t let me out of bed.’ ‘What?’ ‘He would snap at my mommy’s hand and pull the blanket back over me.’ ‘I’m only two years from retirement. I’m only two years – ‘ ‘I HAVE A VIDEO OF IT!’ ‘Really?’ ‘see?’ ‘Wow. That’s a big dog – ‘ I’m sure that he was out of any trouble after that.

Did you have a dog that did something like this? My miniature schnauzer was useless when it came to that, she would just fall asleep next to me. Drove my mom nuts. Tell us your stories in the comments section. Also, please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.