Hyper dog reacts gleefully to running water

While one dog calmly enjoys the running water into a small pool, his companion jumps through the water stream again and again.

Two happy dogs enjoy their time playing in a small wading pool in this joyful scene captured on video. The canine pals especially love the water stream from a garden hose.

While the hose is running, one dog can be seen standing peacefully by the edge of the plastic pool, eyes half-opened and loving every minute of the experience.

But the real shock comes from the second dog, who at first is unseen but suddenly bursts into the shot – flying through the air and through the water stream.

This happens again and again, one dog calm and serene, the second dog soaring through the air and for an instant entering the camera’s view.

It is a hilarious look at the vastly different personalities of these two dogs and highlights how much they truly love being in the water.

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Hyper dog reacts gleefully to running water