Sweet cat goes “lovey-dovey” as Daddy sings to her

This guy plays piano for his cat. The moment the cat responds shows us that they could be affectionate and loving.

Though dogs are much expressive in showing their love and care for their owners, cats could be that sweet and affectionate to humans as well.

This cat and her loving owner proved that statement right. They have such an incredible bond that no one can quickly snatch from them.

However, their most favorite bond is through music. This guy usually serenades his cat to show his love for the creature. This cat then responds with a sweeter body rub with his owner.

You’ll see how this cat fully realizes that her owner is serious about being passionate and tender-hearted towards her. That only proves to us that love knows no bounds.

Unexpectedly, there are creatures other than dogs and cats who can give the same affection to humans. It teaches us that even the most single animal deserves to love and to be loved.

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Sweet cat goes “lovey-dovey” as Daddy sings to her