Little Boy Crawls On Top Of This Big Dog – But It Was The Dog’s Response That Had Me Awestruck…

Friendship is the most valuable thing in life, and a friend can come in many forms. Friends make life better and worth living. Friendship gives you positive vibes to accomplish your dreams and it fills your life with positive energy. There’s nothing as special as friendship and this video will totally prove that to you.

In this clip you’ll see a little boy and his best pal, who is a pretty big Labrador Retriever. The two of them are playing outside, and the dog stands guard as the little boy wanders around in the yard among the trees. At times, the little boy is clearly more interested in the dog than the trees. These two have known each other since this little boy was born.

When I saw this little boy crawling over the dog, I was scared for a moment, but when I saw how the Lab responded to it, I was overwhelmed with happiness. This dog is obviously older than the little boy, and he’s quite calm and patient, but I am certain he sees every move his little human makes.

The music in this clip just adds to its charm and gives that special feeling of love that these two have for each other. Watch this beautiful video celebrating the pure and innocent friendship of a pup and a little boy. I wish I could have seen the moment these two best buds met for the first time.

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Little Boy Crawls On Top Of This Big Dog – But It Was The Dog\'s Response That Had Me Awestruck...