After Being Locked In A Cage For 9 Yrs, This Was How She Reacted To Her First Bed… So Sweet!

The little dog featured in the video above is named Delilah. This poor pooch had a really horrible past. For nine long years, Delilah was locked in a wiry cage in a puppy mill. I can’t even imagine all the horror and torture she went through while being used as a puppy-making machine. She suffered a lot and never knew a loving touch or a comfortable place to sleep.

But thankfully, she was rescued by National Mill Dog Rescue. This organization busts puppy mills and rescues the dogs that have been suffering there. The owners are usually prosecuted for animal abuse, as they should be, and their punishment is stiff. But this clip is about a happy ending for one of the dogs that was rescued.

In this clip, Delilah gets a chance to experience a bed for the very first time in her life. You are going to be moved to tears when you see how happy she is playing on her new bed! This video is really short, but it will no doubt make you smile. Watch her roll around and experience the soft, fluffy bed for the first time.

If you can, please donate to rescue organizations. It could make a big positive impact on a poor animal’s life and it can help organizations like National Mill Dog Rescue find and shut down puppy mills like the one Delilah came from.

Watch this touching video above! What did you think about this? Let us know in the comments section!

After Being Locked In A Cage For 9 Yrs, This Was How She Reacted To Her First Bed... So Sweet!