Man gets hooked on fostering adorable kittens

Fostering animals is not for the faint of heart. But for many people, including a man named Abdul, preparing animals for their forever homes is worth the time and energy.

Abdul’s first foster story did not go as he had planned. His first foster kitten was Bambi. “So my first foster, they call it a failed foster because you’re not supposed to adopt your fosters,” said Abdul. “But I just fell in love with her.”

Bambi came from a kill shelter in North Carolina, and Abdul offered to give her a foster home. “As soon as she got in the car, it was like a match made in heaven,” said Abdul.

Before Bambi came into his life, Abdul had never thought he was a cat person. Growing up, his family had not taken care of any animals, but Bambi changed his perspective.

Abdul and Bambi were like two peas in a pod. They brought each other back to equilibrium. “They say I rescued her, but I feel like she rescued me,” said Abdul.

After he met Bambi, Abdul was hooked on being a foster dad. “Every time I got an email about a new foster, I was like, ‘Yes I will take them,’” said Abdul.

Over two years, Abdul fostered 18 cats and found happy, loving forever homes for each of them. “Every cat, when they leave, they have a little part of me and I have a little part of them,” said Abdul.

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Man gets hooked on fostering adorable kittens