Man helps his heavy rescue dog lose half her body weight

Within three years, Squishy, a rescue dog, lost around 30 pounds thanks to her dad, Jimmy. Squishy was overweight at 59 pounds and took medication for her joints. She could only move really slowly.

Jimmy helped her lose weight by taking her for walks until she stopped moving. When Squishy sat down, he would pick her up and take her all the way home.

They would wake up at 3 am and exercise five times a week. It was the most challenging workout for Squishy, but it was worth it. Jimmy would increase the number of loops and eventually add stairs to their training.

He also made sure that Squishy would be stretched properly to keep her joints moving in all the ways they were supposed to. Jimmy could tell she was happy to be active.

In time, Squishy had more energy, and she was vibrant and lively. Jimmy didn’t want to get stuck in a routine and always worked to improve by increasing their distance each time.

On Squishy’s 12th birthday, they celebrated her weight being 30 pounds. Jimmy gave her a cake, and she joyfully ate it. He was really proud of how far she had come.

Squishy is now a lot better at socializing with other dogs, and she inspires Jimmy all the time. He hopes that Squishy can motivate and inspire others as well.

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Man helps his heavy rescue dog lose half her body weight