Man’s Clever Plan Saves Adorable Frozen Kitten’s Life

It was a freezing winter day in Alberta, Canada, when a miracle happened. A Canadian man, Kendall Diwisch, stumbled upon three kittens who badly needed help. The poor little things were all alone, frozen to the ground, with their tails stuck in the ice. It’s unclear how they got there, but someone likely abandoned them in the snow.

Alberta is a vast province that spans prairies, mountains, and oil sands and experiences some of the harshest winters in the country. Extreme temperatures can sometimes reach as low as -58°F (-50°C), thanks to the “polar vortex,” which expands in the winter and sends a handful of Canadian provinces into a deep freeze.

Kendall came across the kittens while he was on his way to inspect some oil wells. He immediately knew that something was wrong and started filming the whole interaction. With some quick thinking, he jumped into action and ran back to his truck to get his travel coffee mug, likely filled with the iconic Tim Horton’s coffee.

He used the warm coffee to melt ice holding the kittens and their tails to the cold ground. The coffee helped him pry the kittens free. They were so cold and hungry that they even lapped some of the milky coffee! He then took them to safety, where they had much-needed food, water, and warmth.

After sharing his story on Facebook, the post quickly went viral with thousands of likes and shares. Thanks to his post and the local animal rescue society, Cause for Critters, he found the three little darlings a good home. All three went to their new home together, where they ate, drank, and were very energetic.

Kendall did an incredible job saving these kittens. He’s a true hero. Check out the clever way he saved the kittens in the heartwarming video below! It’s a testament to the kindness and compassion of people, even in the harshest conditions. Please share this story with your friends and family because moments like these make the world a better place.

Man\'s Clever Plan Saves Adorable Frozen Kitten\'s Life