Meet Bisbee, the world record setter

The Guinness World Records never cease to amaze us with the incredible feats of humans and animals alike. But this latest addition to the record books is a real tongue-twister, and not in the traditional sense. Meet Bisbee, the English Setter from Tucson, Arizona, who has set the world record for having the longest tongue of any living dog on the planet. And trust me, you won’t believe your eyes when you see them.

Bisbee’s tongue measures a whopping 3.74 inches, longer than a popsicle stick, and is so adorable that it will leave you in awe. This canine has taken the world by storm, and people are loving every bit of it. From the way, he licks his owners to the way he pants when he is out for a walk, Bisbee’s tongue is the star of the show.

It wasn’t until Bisbee’s owners, Jay and Ericka Johnson, took him home from a charity auction that they noticed something strange about their new furry friend. His tongue seemed to be excessively long, even when he wasn’t panting. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it only led to a world record. Jay and Ericka knew they had to get Bisbee’s tongue measured, and that’s when the Guinness World Records team stepped in.

The vet who measured Bisbee’s tongue while he was under sedation for x-rays confirmed that the English Setter indeed had the world’s longest tongue on a living dog. Bisbee surpassed the previous record holder, Mochi, a St. Bernard from South Dakota, who held the record until she passed away in 2021, with her tongue measuring 7.31 inches. Bisbee’s tongue may not be as long as Mochi’s, but it sure is adorable, and it has put him in the spotlight for all the right reasons.

Despite having hip dysplasia, Bisbee still enjoys going for walks and swimming in the pool during the summer. His owners say that he is an affectionate dog and loves to follow them around and cuddle. And with his newfound fame, Bisbee is now a worldwide superstar and has won hearts all over the world.

Bisbee’s owners are proud of their furry friend and feel lucky to have him in their lives. This adorable canine has made history, and it’s a story that deserves to be shared. So, if you want to see the world’s longest tongue on a dog, head over to the Guinness World Records website and watch Bisbee in action. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

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Meet Bisbee, the world record setter