Medicine Hat Filly Starts Roaming Around Pen With Mommy. I Was Smitten The Whole Time.

I have always liked seeing fillies and foals shortly after they are born. It’s so cool that these little tiny horses are already on their feet and walking around. They also have a lot of spunk and curiosity. It’s like they are up for anything. Like kids, they are constantly taking in everything around them and learning from it. While they are independent at times, they still need mommy or daddy around to guide them. Like the filly that is the star of this video.

We see Coconut, a rare medicine hat filly, and her mommy together in the pen. Mommy is making her baby go through her paces, learning the ropes of running around very quickly. She’s a spirited horse, too. Kicking around and just having fun. In the background, we hear a man talking about the two horses and just kind of assessing how the little one is doing. He keeps calling out for her too. It’s just a relaxing time for all involved.

This filly has an appreciative audience, with members of her herd, and her father watching her. Mommy does a great job guiding her around the pen. There are also people taking pictures and a dog wanders into the area too ” the two-day-old is startled when the dog licks her nose. Coconut takes it all in stride, though. Mommy is very protective of her baby, making sure she doesn’t run into the walls or anything.

It’s amazing that at two days old, Coconut can run around like this. At two days old, my son was barely cognizant of the binkie that was in his mouth. Yes, horses aren’t as long-lived as humans and those who live in the wild need to learn to walk – fast or become another animal’s meal. I wonder how our ancestors, especially the cavemen, survived being a baby. ‘Og not walk fast. Ooh. Saber-toothed tiger. Og! Crawl faster! Uh-oh – ‘

Wasn’t Coconut so adorable? There are other videos of her as she gets older on this person’s channel. If you like horses, this is a must-watch. What did you think? I was smiling the whole time. Please leave a comment below!

Medicine Hat Filly Starts Roaming Around Pen With Mommy. I Was Smitten The Whole Time.