Miniature Schnauzer Faints After Seeing Human Sister For First Time In 3 Years. Awww.

It’s always funny to see the reaction of some pets, mostly dogs when they see someone they haven’t seen in a long time. You have to be careful with a dog with a long tail ” they can leave bruises on your leg if they whack it when they are spinning around from happiness. Believe me, I know ” I went through it. Others can wake up neighbors in the next state with their joyous barks. Then there’s what happens in this video.

Casey is a miniature schnauzer who sees Rebecca, his mommy, come back home after being away for two years. Casey runs up, whimpering loudly in a high-pitched squeal. As a former schnauzer owner, I can say that’s normal. Then – what happens after that is unusual. Casey briefly passes out from too much excitement. It doesn’t last more than two seconds, but it’s a sight to behold. It’s like a little gray furry tree toppling.

I guess Rebecca and Casey were really close before she left. Casey was beside himself when he saw her. It might have seemed scary at first when it happened, but the dog seemed fine right after that. He bounced up and his granddad picked him up and Rebecca also held him to comfort him. This schnauzer, Casey, was taken to the vet a few times. The vet saw the video, and everything is fine with her. No worries!

The amount of devotion a dog has for their owner is really hard to quantify. They are just soul mates for their owners – which is why I can never understand why anyone wants to be cruel or neglectful to their pets. Casey missed Rebecca so much that he literally passed out from joy. That’s love and devotion. I hope Rebecca came by more often after that.

Schnauzers always make me happy. Do you like videos with them? Leave a comment below!

Miniature Schnauzer Faints After Seeing Human Sister For First Time In 3 Years. Awww.