Mom Asks Her Dog To Do A Trick, But Her Puppy Surprised Everyone When She Did THIS…

When it comes to animals we are truly addicted to them. We simply love animals and can’t get enough of them. We try and learn as much as we can about them, even devouring any fact we can find about them online as possible.

Another favorite pastime of ours is watching animal videos online. We simply love to watch animal videos online and because millions of different videos are uploaded every single week there will never be a shortage of them for us to watch. I mean if we’re being honest we’re all a little guilty of watching one too many videos with animals in them. But they make us happy so really what is the downside to us watching them.

Well it is from our love of watching animal videos that we were able to find this absolutely adorable video on a little Yorkshire Terrier named Misa Minnie. You may have seen other videos of this cute little pooch, she is actually quite popular and has several videos online. The reason that Misa Minnie is so popular may be because she is so tiny and cute. Or maybe it’s because she has a cute little bow in her hair. But we think it is because she is taught so incredible tricks that we cannot believe she is able to do on her own.

Misa Minnie is taught some incredible tricks such as running through a small obstacle course and completing a series of small tasks in a row. What is really remarkable is how well trained the little dog is. You would think because she is so well trained that she is taught by a professional trainer but it turs out that Misa Minnie is taught everything she knows by her own mom at home. This is one little dog that we promise you that you will want to watch.

Watch this adorable little girl and let us know what you thought of Misa Minnie’s amazing training skills. As always please feel free to share this video on your social media with your family and friends.

Mom Asks Her Dog To Do A Trick, But Her Puppy Surprised Everyone When She Did THIS...