Mom Doesn’t Let Him Up On The Couch. How This Puppy Reacted Next Left Me Laughing Nonstop…

Babies and little puppies have a lot in common. They both need love and attention, and if they are not in a good mood, they are prone to tantrums as well. But it is much harder to communicate with an angry little puppy than an angry little baby. This poor owner in the video above is going through a similar situation.

The video above features a little bulldog puppy named Bentley. He is really mad at his owner for something, so he decides to show her how frustrated he is. You are going to crack up when you see his cute temper tantrum! Even when he tries to act scary and furious, it is still adorable!

It looks like he wants to get up on the couch and his owner is not understanding his sentiments at all. Actually, I do think she knows exactly what he wants, but she wants to see his reaction when he doesn’t get it. My heart melted when he started whimpering and displayed his cute puppy eyes at her! I don’t know how she can resist picking him up and putting him on the couch.

Bentley is quite famous on the Internet already, and this video is one reason why. His little whimpers and barks and puppy noises are so cute, and he’s so wrinkly and pudgy, people can’t resist watching him on YouTube. I bet you can’t resist watching him here either. I couldn’t!

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!

Mom Doesn\'t Let Him Up On The Couch. How This Puppy Reacted Next Left Me Laughing Nonstop...