Mother hen raises ‘mystery chicks’ as her own

Love is love, as demonstrated by this hen that shows love to whatever hatches out of the eggs beneath her. Spoiler alert: They aren’t her eggs.

The two words “hens” and “chicks” go hand in hand. If you met a hen without any chicks, it would catch you off guard for a few seconds. Like the video says, every hen is born to be a mother.

So here we have a gorgeous Silkie hen that lays eggs, but none of them hatch. The poor lass is without a rooster, and her human owner could tell that being a mom would mean something to her.

He takes some eggs given to him by a friend that could still be viable and has his Silkie hen sit on them. What’s in them is anyone’s guess. They could literally be anything.

The first hatch is a duck, who the hen raises like her own son. The older he gets, the less he looks like his mother, but she doesn’t care. The other hatches are unknown but loved just the same.

Big Brother Duck watches over his mismatched siblings alongside his adoptive mother. It’s safe to say that mama hen is happy. At least none of them were hawk, owl, or snake eggs.

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Mother hen raises ‘mystery chicks’ as her own