New “nose print” app reunites missing dogs and owners

Dog owners will now have a way to locate their pet if they go on missing through this nose scanning app.

Most of the time, dogs could be so playful and curious that they get lost in their playing moments. That’s undoubtedly a very frustrating scenario on your end.

Looking for them in different possible locations could be so challenging to accomplish. However, there are still lucky owners who managed to reunite with their poaches.

Good thing there is advanced technology nowadays that can help owners track their missing dogs. Thanks to IAMS, a pet food company, who manages to create this nose scanning app.

By simply creating a profile and scanning their unique nose prints, you can now easily save all your dogs’ information for identifying and tracking purposes.

This kind of innovation proves to us that individuals and corporations understand the unique bond that people and animals could share together.

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New “nose print” app reunites missing dogs and owners