What These Parents Found After They Left Their Baby With The Family Dog Was Absolutely Chilling

This couple, Ben and Hope, were recently joined by two new members of their family: their baby Finn and their dog Kilian. At first, everything was wonderful and peaceful in the family. Kilian was as well behaved as a new dog could be expected to be. Finn was a perfectly healthy baby, and the two of them seemed to get along just great with each other. Everything seemed to be going just wonderful for this family. They were as happy as they could be, but those perfect days would soon hit a road block.

Suddenly, Kilian started to show some strange behaviors. He always seemed very on edge and would randomly get aggressive from time to time. He would seem totally calm at one moment and then irritable and aggressive in the next. They couldn’t seem to figure out what was causing this dog’s strange behavior. It was clear that Kilian was very disturbed and frightened by something, and they just needed to figure out what that was.

The parents wanted to know what was up. They knew that this probably wasn’t just a problem with their dog. This must be caused by something outside that they were completely unaware of. This problem could even be something dangerous that they needed to know about, so they came up with an intuitive plan to figure this problem out. They decided to leave a recorder around the house while they left the baby and the dog at home with a babysitter. No one knew about this recorder but them. During the time that they were gone, everything going on would become perfectly apparent to everyone. When they returned home, they collected the recorder and listened for the cause.

What they found next was absolutely shocking. You just won’t believe it…

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What These Parents Found After They Left Their Baby With The Family Dog Was Absolutely Chilling