Persistent shelter dog wins hearts and finds a loving home after 14 trials

Ah, the saying goes, “Every dog has its day,” and for Ronald, a hefty bundle of joy from the SPCA of Wake County, that day couldn’t have come any sooner. You know, in my days as a veterinarian, I’ve seen countless animals patiently wait for someone to pick them up from the shelter, tails wagging and eyes full of hope. Much like people, animals understand the innate yearning for a home, a place where they can feel loved and secure.

Ronald, a handsome fella with a large frame weighing 63 pounds at just one year old, had something of a rough start. Fourteen times he thought he’d found his forever home, and fourteen times he returned to the shelter, each time entering his kennel with what one could only imagine was a heavy heart. The families claimed they weren’t prepared for his size, which is a tad bigger than your average pooch.

The staff at the shelter knew Ronald was something special. He wasn’t just a “good boy”—he was an extraordinary one. For one, he knew his commands and was safe for kids. He was energetic, spirited, and would stand on his hind legs, putting his front paws on you when he felt affection. I remember a golden retriever I treated years ago who did the same. That dog found a home with a loving elderly couple, and I like to think he added years to their lives with his enthusiasm.

The shelter made a heartfelt plea on social media, asking folks to share Ronald’s story in hopes of finding him a forever home. Well, the community responded in kind. The post was shared an astonishing 69,000 times, capturing the heart of a nurse named Kiersten Davis from North Carolina. Kiersten, already a pet parent, drove 90 minutes to meet Ronald. She knew how to handle high-energy dogs and thought Ronald would fit right in with her family. They decided to do a five-day trial.

Sure enough, Ronald felt right at home. Kiersten’s family embraced him, her sons giving their new four-legged sibling two thumbs up. Ronald’s story doesn’t just end with a happy home. The shelter revealed that due to the viral post, they received multiple inquiries from people wanting to adopt. It was as if Ronald had opened the door for many other dogs, wagging tails and all, to find their forever homes.

If you’ve been moved by Ronald’s journey from rejection to a loving home, consider visiting your local animal shelter. There are plenty of “good boys” and “good girls” waiting for their day to come, wagging tails and all. Share this story with your friends and family; you never know whose heart you might touch.

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Persistent shelter dog wins hearts and finds a loving home after 14 trials