Playful owner plays peek-a-boo with shy rescue dog

A caring man has a rescue dog that is shy around other people, but really he is a very playful and silly dog when he wants to be.

Their rescue dog approaches the man who is hiding his face in his hands. Then he says, “peek-a-boo,” showing his face. The dog appears to be delighted and confused.

The man repeats it again. The normally shy and reserved dog starts showing more excitement. Wagging his tail and looking at the man’s face with pure focus.

You can see the dog’s ears flop up and down as well. He can barely contain his excitement and wonder, spinning around in place then facing the man again.

After a few more peek-a-boos the dog jumps on the man’s lap with his front paws. He tries to find his face, even trying to lick it.

The man laughs the entire time, of course, enjoying playtime with his dog. They both enjoy the pure and sweet moment as the dog shows that he can be silly too.

Playful owner plays peek-a-boo with shy rescue dog