Abandoned pup won’t leave couple’s side

This is one determined puppy. Abandoned and thirsty, this adorable pup decides he is taking matters into his own paws and follows a couple all the way home.

All dogs have their own personality, and none more so than this little guy, an abandoned puppy who decided he was going to follow a couple until they adopt him.

Fed up with life on the streets, the young dog decides enough was enough and found he liked the look of a couple, Dessy and Stoyan.

After following the couple for a while, he allows himself to be stroked. This kindness only encourages the pup and he clings to their side all the way home.

After getting over the first hurdle – the front door – the puppy is washed and groomed. He is so thirsty he even starts drinking the shower water.

After a wash, the cutey is exhausted. The puppy settles down in front of a warm fire and falls asleep, safe for the first time with a loving family.

With over 3 million views, I think everyone agrees that while this pooch may not be a special breed, he deserves all the love he can get just the same.

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Abandoned pup won’t leave couple’s side