Rescue dog with a broken jaw fits perfectly into his new family

Jeffrey was a rescue dog found with a broken jaw and was adopted by Kemah after they met on a hike with other rescue dogs. Before being rescued, he had been roaming the streets of Los Angeles on his own.

The rescuers of Jeffrey guessed he had probably been homeless for about a month or so. His fur was severely matted and far too long. He was taken to a great shelter.

Jeffrey was shaved down and underwent jaw surgery. He became delighted after his stitches were removed, and he healed nicely. Then he eventually met Kemah.

Kemah was visiting from Texas, and her sister surprised her with a hike that had a bunch of rescue dogs. Jeffery was part of the group, and Kemah was drawn to him.

The next day, Kemah could not stop thinking about Jeffrey. There was no doubt that Kemah loved Jeffery’s presence. She hadn’t planned on getting another dog because she already had two back in Texas.

Kemah didn’t believe she had a chance to adopt Jeffrey because they lived far away. Then she got a call from the rescue center, and they said she was a perfect fit for Jeffrey.

When Jeffrey got to Texas, Kemah’s other dogs treated him like their long-lost friend. They cuddled immediately. Kemah says that Jeffrey was the puzzle piece of their family she didn’t realize they were missing.

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Rescue dog with a broken jaw fits perfectly into his new family