Rooster swoons over disabled one-legged hen at love’s first sight

Amidst the gentle breeze of South Central Pennsylvania, there unfurls a love story so unique, it’s enough to melt even the most cynical heart. Within the comforting embrace of the Here With Us Sanctuary, two souls have found solace in each other – the captivating tale of Shrimp, the rooster, and Basil, the one-legged hen.

Shrimp’s journey began with abandonment, a fate often shared by roosters. Gentle and docile, he frequently found himself overpowered outside. This disposition made him an easy target, causing the sanctuary owner to lovingly shelter him inside.

Then, there’s the enigmatic Basil. She once narrowly escaped the fate of becoming someone’s dinner. 2021 marked her escape, though it was a bittersweet liberation as she lost her right leg due to an infection. Yet, destiny had plans for her. Each morning, inside the sanctuary, as if driven by an unseen compass, Shrimp would cross barriers just to be close to Basil. The bond was so evident that even Amanda, the heart behind the sanctuary, couldn’t help but notice. He would often let Basil have the first bite during snack time and then lovingly gaze at her, lost in admiration.

Shrimp’s affection knew no bounds. Eager to be as close as possible, he’d often perch on the side of Basil’s wheelchair. This gentle rooster even exhibited bursts of jovial dances around Basil’s wheelchair, all in an attempt to charm her. Vet visits? They were joint ventures. Separation, it seemed, was too daunting for either.

Despite their evident connection, Amanda always ensured their safety. She expressed, “They sleep separate, but with warmer days, they now explore the outdoors together.” And while Basil might not be too fond of other hens, with Shrimp, it’s a different story altogether. As Amanda puts it, she’s often questioned about attributing human emotions to these birds. To this, she passionately responds, “Witness their interaction, and you’ll be amazed.”

Amanda further delves into the disconnection people feel with chickens, highlighting the contrast between the birds we see in grocery stores and the vibrant creatures they truly are. And Shrimp? Oh, he’s a smart fellow, recognizing his name when called. It’s not just about him and Basil. All the rescues at the sanctuary receive the love, attention, and care they truly deserve.

Love truly is the universal language, speaking volumes when words fall short. It serves as a beacon of hope in the most unexpected places. As you embark on this emotional journey with Shrimp and Basil, remember their tale. And if you find your heart swelling with emotion, do share their story, advocate for animal welfare, and champion the “adopt don’t shop” cause.

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Rooster swoons over disabled one-legged hen at love\'s first sight