She’s Minding Her Own Business When She Notices A Deer Outside. What Happens Next Is

It’s not every day that we get the opportunity to have a close encounter with a wild creature. In fact, most of the time the lives of humans and the lives of animals that live their lives in nature are very separate. We might see a tiger in a zoo enclosure, or whizz past a herd of bison on a long road trip, but the chance to really connect and communicate with wild animals is a rare and special thing. Luckily, every once in awhile someone manages to catch one of these precious moments on video, so that the whole world can see. In this one, a woman seems to have a whole conversation with a deer standing just outside her window, using only body movements.

The woman in this video was going about her normal daily routine, when a movement outside the window in her front yard caught her eye. A deer stood in the snow, transfixed by the woman’s movements. She wasn’t doing anything particularly graceful, simply lifting her legs up and down like she was a member in a marching band. But it was enough to catch”and keep”the deer’s attention. Pretty soon, the deer did something completely unexpected. It joined in the fun!

When she picked up her leg and stomped it down, the deer did the same. They faced one another, and there was no fear in the deer at all, only a sense of connection. The two kept up their back and forth for a good while, one stomping, then the other stomping. I can only imagine the joy that would come from being in such close mental contact with an animal that is known for bolting when at all startled. What a rush!

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She\'s Minding Her Own Business When She Notices A Deer Outside. What Happens Next Is