Sick stray dog transforms into a loving forever puppy

On most Memorial Day weekends, people take advantage of the long weekend to go on vacation. But Lisa Arturo and Lisa Chiarelli spent the holiday driving across town to rescue a stray dog.

Arturo and Chiarelli found out about the dog from a woman who lived in the neighborhood where the pup was living. Other neighbors had thrown rocks at the poor dog, but their contact was determined to find a home for the dog.

Arturo and Chiarelli arrived at the neighbor’s home and waited 30 minutes for the stray dog to appear. When that did not work, they drove around for five hours searching for the pup.

Devastated, Arturo asked the kind woman to leave a blanket outside her home. Hopefully, the stray dog would show up. Thankfully, the dog was waiting for Arturo and Chiarelli the next day.

When they found the sick, scarred dog, he did not fight them. Arturo and Chiarelli rushed the stray to a veterinarian. They found out the sad dog needed “everything under the sun,” including TLC.

Arturo and Chiarelli were more than willing to give it to him. Slowly but surely, the stray dog recovered physically and emotionally. “It’s just so cool watching his transformation,” said Arturo.

When he was ready for the next step of his journey, the stray dog found his forever home with a couple named Amy and Kieran. At his new home, he had a loving Rottweiler sibling and could not be happier.

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Sick stray dog transforms into a loving forever puppy