This Tiny Horse Is Quite A Big Sensation. You Won’t Believe How Small He Is

This video will introduce you to Microdave. Microdave stands only 18 inches tall and has officially received the title of ‘Britain’s Smallest Horse.’ This tiny equine is two full inches shorter than the previous titleholder. He is so cute I just want to bundle him up and take him home.

But just because he’s a small horse doesn’t mean that he has a small heart. Microdave’s owner, Jen Baldwin-Murphy, cares for this tiny horse. She knew that he was going to be tiny when he was born, his legs weren’t any longer than that of a Coke bottle, and she also knew that he would be a huge sensation.

Microdave has starred in a number of magazines, made the news, and even gets visitors at the farm where he lives. It’s no wonder because he is the cutest horse I have ever seen.