Terrified senior Beagle is rescued and learns how to be happy

Maple was a senior Beagle being given away for free, so Taylor drove three hours to take her in. As soon as Taylor got Maple, she put her on a comfy bed in the car.

It was a sorry sight. Maple was soaking wet, she smelled, and her nails were overgrown. Taylor could see how terrified Maple was and couldn’t imagine what she went through.

For the first few days in her new home, Maple slept and stayed in the same spot. She didn’t know she could move around and explore. Instead, she curled up into a ball and rested.

Taylor continued to shower Maple with love and affection. Lots of treats and belly rubs were given. Then Maple started to bond with Taylor’s other dog, Cooper.

Maple and Cooper got along right away. Something clicked, and Cooper certainly helped Maple come out of her shell. She started to perk up and become more affectionate.

After being spoiled with love, Maple finally understood that she was safe and happy. When she was excited, she would crawl with her tail wagging. Taylor called it Maple’s army crawl.

Maple had come a long way from being the shy dog. Taylor says it is amazing to see how Maple wants to explore everything and be her true self.

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Terrified senior Beagle is rescued and learns how to be happy