The Island Of Cats In Japan Is Our Idea Of Heaven

On this Japanese Island, cats outnumber humans. If you like cuddling kitties, it’s heaven on Earth.

Anytime you sit down outside on this island, you’ll be swarmed by cats ready for pets. It’s a herd of purring creatures, and we love it.

You can tell that these cats are far from fearful of humans — rather quite the opposite. They are also well taken care of, with shiny coats and plump little bodies. No doubt the residents here on this island take good care of their clowder of strays.

We’re reminded of the time we visited Key West, Florida, and saw Hemmingway’s cats. While we didn’t get the chance to see if these cats also have six toes, we are irrationally pleased how they all vie for lap space with their new visitor.

Evidently, there are multiple cat islands in Japan where strays roam free and feel no fear of humans. It seems like just the play to spend a vacation. Just make sure you bring the cat treats.

The Island Of Cats In Japan Is Our Idea Of Heaven