Tiny Marshmallow May Be The Cutest Kitten We’ve Ever Seen

Tiny Marshmallow May Be The Cutest Kitten We've Ever Seen

We have to admit, all baby creatures just tug at our heartstrings but baby Marshmallow simply took my breath away. When this furball was born, her mommy, like any other mommy, went head over heels over her little feline baby.

Watch the video to see the enormous love and affection this little three-week-old baby gets from her mommy. It’s really so heartwarming. I absolutely loved the part at 1:36 when the mommy just grabs her little one by the paws, enfolding her in a hug just to hold her so that she can lick her even more.

This gesture seemed so human to me because we all do hug people we love as well. This furball is so cute, I could watch her all day! Right now the furbaby is learning important life skills ” like eating (yes, that’s very important!), sleeping (which baby doesn’t love this?) and of course, getting oodles of love, hugs, licks, and affection from mommy dearest.

These two are so cute together, watching this video will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Tiny Marshmallow May Be The Cutest Kitten We\'ve Ever Seen