Two Kittens Were Introduced To Their Mama’s Friend. But Wait Till You See Who Is He…

For those people who think that there is an eternal rivalry between dogs and cats, you might just want to show them this cute video.

The video features a black cat who is staring down a brown dog, and it seems like there is a battle of wills between them, but have a look on the bottom of the screen. A tiny baby kitten carefully walks up behind mama.

The dog sits down anticipating the meeting with the offspring of his best friend. And this big dog’s heart melts when the mama cat walks away to introduce her two babies to him.

The way this dog treats the kittens is totally surprising, as he shows devotion and love to them! And it is obvious that these two little babies will be safe and sound with such a watchful mom making sure everything is going okay!

We like that the dog even lets the babies bat at his nose, while it may be rather annoying, but they’re just babies and he tolerates with it. What a sweet dog!

Watch this video. What do you think about this dog playing with the kittens? Let us know through your comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Two Kittens Were Introduced To Their Mama\'s Friend. But Wait Till You See Who Is He...