Unbelievable… This Doberman Throws The Baby Through The Room, His Family Will Know Why Later.

If you suddenly watch a dog catch a baby, you will feel a mixture of emotions. And even worse, you will feel a lot of indignation and rage if you see him throwing this baby in the air and making him fly around the room. But there must be a reason for a dog to act this crazy way. The question is ¿What would you do in this situation?

Probably the first thing we’re going to do is move the dog away from the baby, or catch the baby before it falls to the ground and gets hurt. And this was what Catherine Svilicic wanted to do when after having adopted a Doberman dog, he began to act in a peculiar way, trying to take her baby and throw her through the air.

Catherine was excited to have helped and rescued this Doberman in Queensland, Australia. Before she adopted him, the dog had been rescued in poor conditions, hungry, with broken ribs and had suffered abuse from its owner.  During an afternoon, Catherine’s only 17-month-old daughter was playing in the garden when suddenly Khan ran up to her and knocked her down, the dog was acting very strange and barking non-stop. But the situation hasn’t finish yet, then Khan grabbed the baby by the diaper and threw it more than a meter away from where they were. The mother ran to find the baby and suddenly heard the scream. She was confused.

Catherine realized that hiding under the grass was a covert animal that was slowly sliding. The dog, who had been rescued, had saved the life of her baby in gratitude for having adopted him. Khan was protecting the baby from a king brown snake, one of the most poisonous snakes of Australia!

Luckily, a veterinarian was able to apply an antidote to the dog and managed to save the dog. This Super Dog is now treated like a true emperor and will be happy receiving simple luxuries like kisses and much love from his family!  Watch this touching video and let us know what you think about it!

Unbelievable... This Doberman Throws The Baby Through The Room, His Family Will Know Why Later.