When You Uncover What, This Man Makes His German Shepherds Do. You Will Be Appalled, Sickening…

Augusto Deoliveira is a young adult with a very busy schedule. He goes to school, has dinner with his family, and trains 6 German Shepherds. The key difference that makes him extraordinary is shown below. This seems like a fluke, but seeing believes. You will notice this buzzed young man confidently strolling, his guiding hands leading right in front of their focused adorable faces. He continues training the beautiful dogs daily, because fundamentals are the most important thing of all.

Ever since Augusto was young, he has been fond of dogs and dedicated to training them. Back in Brazil, Augusto used to live on a massive farm. Accompanied by loyal Griffin Shepherds, Augusto helped maintain the farm. After a controversy with Augusto, he decided to move to the lovely Hyannis, Massachusetts.

The coastal city is the busiest place and for Augusto its now home. Augusto lives a normal life, training a pack of German Shepherds. They train every day and are interconnected in each other’s lives in an inseparable way… With the help of the cutest German Shepherds, Augusto shows off what would be impossible for the nonprofessional, Augusto demonstrates his hold over these trusting dogs. Onlookers and passersby double take when they see Augusto and his pack clearing the sidewalk. As they shuffle quickly in straight lines, the dog’s ears are always back. It took a couple times for me to notice this pattern.

‘He’s always had a way with dogs,’ says Cynthia Dean, Augusto’s property owner, ‘I’m amazed every day.’ Little does she know how he uses his hold over this pack of loving dogs? To the untrained eye, Augusto’s training seems like a legitimate and loving bond he is formed with his pack over the years. Is it really though? When I finally found out, I simply could not believe it!

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When You Uncover What, This Man Makes His German Shepherds Do. You Will Be Appalled, Sickening...