Vet’s Heroic Actions Save German Shepherd from Toy Choking

In an enthralling tale of survival, Clyde, a brave German Shepherd, teetered on the brink of tragedy when a rubber dog toy lodged in his throat. His desperate family, acting with haste, whisked him off to the skilled hands of South Carolina veterinarian Dr. Margaret Hunt, who performed an astonishing rescue that was miraculously captured on video.

With a steely determination, Dr. Hunt laid Clyde on his back and clambered atop him to extract the offending toy from his throat. She employed a specialized procedure known as the External Extraction Technique (XXT), a canine adaptation of the Heimlich maneuver. This life-saving technique, according to Inside Edition, is widely used by veterinarians nationwide.

XXT requires the dog to be placed on their back as pressure is expertly applied to the chest and neck. Dr. Hunt secured Clyde in a specially padded brace, likely to protect his spine and maintain proper positioning. As a seasoned practitioner, she has been well-trained in the safe administration of XXT.

Fortuitously, Clyde’s family reached the veterinarian in the nick of time, and we are pleased to report that the brave canine is on the road to recovery.

To delve deeper into the intricacies of the XXT External Extraction Technique, we invite you to view the video demonstrations below. Hansel the Pittie, another fortunate dog, was recently saved from choking by Dr. Kristie Williams, who expertly employed the XXT technique, as seen in the video.

We encourage you to consult a veterinarian if you have any questions or seek guidance on XXT or other first aid techniques.

A word of caution: This article’s content is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult your dog’s physician or other qualified health provider with any questions concerning a potential medical condition or emergency.

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Vet\'s Heroic Actions Save German Shepherd from Toy Choking