Watch Young Man Shock The Judges At X-Factor In The Most Unexpected Way…

Do you like talent shows? How about singing competitions? I always like to watch them because they have something you will not find elsewhere. They give people a chance. These contestants would not have a chance otherwise. Some of them have not even tried to compete for a prize before. Why? Some of them are too shy for anything like that. I can relate to that because although I never had a singing voice, just the thought of speaking in front of a crowd would make me stutter.

When watching singing competitions, I will often watch the family’s reactions. For some of them, having their family there supporting them was very important. I saw some cases where the parents were not supportive at all. In some other cases, the parents didn’t even know that their kid liked to sing, much less that he would be interested in taking part in a competition of that magnitude.

Even when their parents are there, some of the contestants cannot keep their nerves down. And honestly, I don’t blame them. That stage is very big and pretty intimidating. When the judges notice this, they will try to help and calm the contestant down a little. They’ll wait until he or she is feeling better to start.

I always love when the contestants get to the stage and just own it. There was this 16-year-old kid named Luke Lucas (that was his real name). He seemed a little nervous, but it wasn’t because of the stage, he was actually very confident in front of all those people, the thing is, he had a crush for one of the judges. He introduced himself and talks a little bit about what he liked to do. After the brief introduction, he was ready to go.

Once the music started, this young man was all business. He chose of Michael Jackson’s most emblematic songs and sang it like very few can. He was obviously very comfortable on the stage and had an air of confidence that is rarely seen in these competitions, much less coming from a 16-year-old.

Well, this was not the only time I had been amazed by such a display of confidence and overall performance. I recently saw the video of an X-Factor contestant named Willie Jones. He got on the stage looking very confident. He was only 17 years old and by his outfit, I was pretty sure he was going to sing some hip-hop or rap song. When the music started playing, I was totally surprised at the genre, and even more at the astounding voice he had.

Watch Young Man Shock The Judges At X-Factor In The Most Unexpected Way...