Weiner dogs rescue stuck ship at Suez Canal

Watching the Dachshunds at work, they deserve great treats after this because their handiwork is quite commendable.

If informed earlier, perhaps Crusoe would have had the Suez Canal cleared much earlier, and the port would have resumed its daily activities sooner.

It is still unknown how the Ever Given got stuck, perhaps too much of a load, but what we know is that these Dachshunds helped get it on its way.
If these two could do it, any of us could do it, but it looks like it is more a question of tenacity and willingness to help more than anything else. Kudos to these two

It is a testament to David and Goliath because, with all the machinery at hand, the ship still wouldn’t budge until these pups came to save the day.

Two paws are better than one, and nothing proved that more than the relentless pursuit of these pups to free Ever Given and return the Suez Canal to normalcy.

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Weiner dogs rescue stuck ship at Suez Canal