What Has The Core Of A Raptor, A Cat’s Agility, And Infinite Cuteness?

This cat with no arms was rescued after losing them to a car’s engine, and you’ll be blown away by her recovery. The little one didn’t only make it, she’s now a happy, healthy thriving kitty with the strangest (effective) form of getting around.

Duck may have lost her forearms as a kitten, but it hasn’t slowed her down one bit. The adorable cat has learned to run on her back legs, upright in a manner strikingly similar to a T-rex. She doesn’t know any different, but the best is when you meet her new family.

This tiny T-rex is friends with a house full of dogs, but one, in particular, has become inseparable from her. Duck’s french bulldog instantly bonded with her little sister.

Two hang out and play all day, with the adorable dog doing all the things that Duck can’t. Issues cleaning her face are not a problem for this adorable cat.

What Has The Core Of A Raptor, A Cat\'s Agility, And Infinite Cuteness?