Wolf Dog Wants To Have Her Belly Rubbed. Her Reaction When It Happens Is So

There’s just something so relaxing about giving your pooch a belly rub. First of all, they are showing how much they truly trust you to not do anything to them, since lying on their back with their bellies expose renders them EXTREMELY vulnerable. This adds an extra layer of enjoyment between doggie and parent. Imagine having this dog wanting you to rub her belly, though –

We see a wolf dog named Lakomi who is HUGE. How huge? When her mommy, who is shooting the video, pans along the width of her, it’s like seeing the beginning of Star Wars with the huge Star Destroyer. It just seems to go on and on – but this dog just wants to be loved, not chase down fleeing rebel spies. She’s getting something that she truly loves: an awesome belly rub that seems to last forever.

It’s great that Lakomi is so sociable now ” she had been severely mistreated with a very restrictive harness. There was a time when she didn’t want people around her ” can you blame her? Look at her now, though. She’s a giant mush who enjoys nothing by having her mommy scratch her belly. My arm would get tired doing that, though. That’s a lot of belly real estate to have to deal with!

I’m so sad that someone mistreated her in the past, but her spirit still manages to shine through in her enthusiasm for this kind of interaction. My miniature schnauzer LOVED to have her belly rubbed. My male cat is weird, he only wants the top of his head rubbed – perhaps his ears, and he will show great displeasure if you do try to rub his belly. My female cat loves to have her belly rubbed. Who knows, maybe it’s a female thing?

Have you found that your female animals are the only ones liking belly rubs or do I just have a really odd male cat? Feel free to weigh in down in the comments section!

Wolf Dog Wants To Have Her Belly Rubbed. Her Reaction When It Happens Is So