Woman Asked Dog To ‘Bark Softly.’ What He Did Next Had Us All Rolling With Laughter…

Dogs are really wonderful creatures and they go out of their way to make us happy. From learning how to sit, roll over and even beg, they happily follow our orders as happy campers. However, they are also one of the smartest creatures on this planet.

Why? That’s because they catch on to things pretty quickly and their observation skills are always off the charts. This cute Shiba Inu dog learnt more than the average trick when he learnt how to control the volume of his barks as per his human’s instructions. I have to admit, what he does could make any dog lover jealous.

The amount of training, obedience and effort it takes to get your dog so well behaved is amazing. This hilarious video shows a woman asking her dog to bark. That’s not such a big deal you may think, but watch what he does.

He barks, like any other dog, but when his human asks him to bark a little softer, he lowers his volume. She continues requesting him to bark softer, until his bark is nothing more than a whisper. Isn’t that amazing???

I am utterly amazed at how well trained this Shiba Inu is! I wonder if she trains dogs for a living because that is really awesome

Is your dog so well behaved? Can your pet do tricks like this? Write in and tell us your stories and share your thoughts on what you think of the video in the comments section below.

Woman Asked Dog To \'Bark Softly.\' What He Did Next Had Us All Rolling With Laughter...