Woman Comes Back From Trip And Goes To See Horse. This Will Totally Melt Your Heart.

It’s always rough being away from our pets for an extended amount of time. There are soldiers that spend a year or more away on deployment. People go on business trips. Heck, my wife and I miss our cats when we go away for several days. It’s always great to see them when we come back ” though we may find a few hairballs. Then there’s this sweet video of a woman getting back together with her equine friend after a brief absence.

We see a woman opening up a horse gate to go into the field. She’s been away three weeks and she’s missed her equine friend. Once she’s in the field, she walks ahead a few feet and stops. A horse that’s about 30 feet away looks up and then ambles forward a bit and then breaks into a very brisk trot once she realizes that her mommy is home. A few seconds later, she’s greeting her very warmly.

The two of them nuzzle each other for a bit. She missed her mommy and is letting her know in no uncertain terms. After a little bit of reconnecting, she puts her bridle on, doing it in a way that shows she’s done this quite a few times. Grabbing the rope, she leads the horse out of the field and closes the gate behind her, presumably to take her to the stable where she’ll be staying again.

Some people commented on the video quality. This was filmed and uploaded in 2008, when video camera quality was not quite as high as it is now. That’s why it’s not as crisp and sharp as something that would be filmed today. It got popular when someone put the video on their Facebook page and it make it go viral. It should have gone viral when it first came out it’s so sweet and awesome.

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Woman Comes Back From Trip And Goes To See Horse. This Will Totally Melt Your Heart.