Woman helps build a prosthetic leg for three-legged cow

When Shani first met the three-legged cow, Nir, others told her the animal was terrified of people. But Shani was determined to help this fearful creature heal emotionally and physically.

Shani decided that she would sit with Nir for 30 minutes to help him get acclimated to her presence. “Slowly, we formed our own language,” said Shani. That language turned out to be music.

With her guitar in hand, Shani won over the special needs cow. “After several weeks, I found myself scratching his belly,” she said. “It was amazing to see him become more comfortable with me, and slowly we formed a special bond.”

Shani had heard about Nir a year before and thought she and her team could rescue the sad animal. “Every time he struggled to walk, my heart was broken,” said Shani.

“We really wanted to help in an extraordinary way,” said Shani. Once she earned Nir’s trust, she and her team of experts began the construction of a prosthetic leg for the cow.

The prosthetic was ready the day Nir arrived at the sanctuary. “Eventually, we were able to put the prosthetic on Nir,” said Shani. “He started walking and running immediately.”

Shani was shocked by how deeply his recovery impacted her. “I never thought I’d feel so connected to a cow, but here we are,” said Shani. “With every breath he takes, I want him to know that he’s safe and loved forever.”

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Woman helps build a prosthetic leg for three-legged cow