Woman told dog ‘isn’t worth saving’ but she knows better and saves him

Molly was determined not to give up on a stranded dog she found by the side of the highway in Alabama, despite being told by many that it was natural selection and the dog, unfortunately, a Pitbull, was not worth saving. When she first saw him, despite the risks of approaching strange dogs, she crossed the busy road to bring the dog to her car. While walking to her car, the dog thanked Molly with lots of dog kisses on her face.

He was not in good shape and had a too-tight collar on, suggesting that he had been intentionally abandoned. Molly looked into the dog’s eyes and made a promise to him, “I promise you I will get you out of here and I promise I’m gonna keep you safe”.

Adopting the dog, who she later named Polo, was not an easy process as she lived in Massachusetts and the dog was under the care of animal control and an animal shelter in Alabama. Throughout the process, Molly had to endure heartbreak as people around her said she shouldn’t adopt the dog because of his breed. They said it was natural selection and was meant to happen. Appalled by their remarks, Molly chose to ignore them and honor the promise she made to Polo.

In the US, there are laws and regulations for adopting stray dogs. Stray animals are brought to a pound or shelter for a stray hold period, allowing time to check if they have an owner by scanning for a microchip or other identifying tags. Holding periods vary per state but are always enough time for owners to claim their dogs or cats. Once the holding period was over, Polo was neutered and vaccinated. Then, transportation for Polo to Massachusetts was arranged.

When Polo arrived at his new home, he was glued to Molly. He could not get close enough to her and was so peaceful because he knew Molly did everything to keep her promise. Molly and her family were no strangers to rescued animals as they already lived with four other rescue dogs, although Polo was the first dog Molly physically rescued. It took some time for Polo to look healthy and get housebroken.

The final hurdle was impressing Molly’s dad, who didn’t want to rescue another dog. Fortunately, as soon as they met, they instantly bonded. They were constantly beside each other, cuddling, and sometimes, Molly’s dad would even lie on the concrete driveway to stay beside Polo. Grateful for his new loving home, Polo knew exactly what to do to make people and other dogs love him.

Please watch the video below to meet Polo and see how he adjusted to his new life. Share this with your friends and family to remind them of the importance of giving abandoned animals a second chance and honoring our promises, no matter the challenges.

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Woman told dog \'isn’t worth saving\' but she knows better and saves him