You Won’t Believe Who Played Nurse’ When This Little Boy Got Sick

As far as love and loyalty goes, you will never find any friend as kind-hearted and benevolent as a dog. The one starring in the following video is no exception to that rule by any means and he is in fact a perfect example of what man’s best friend can accomplish. This loyal doggy is very worried about his friend that is terribly sick at the time of the recording. The human child isn’t feeling well, and he limits himself to watching TV and sitting on the sofa.

As the dog notices that his best friend isn’t feeling well, he decides to do everything he can to make him feel a little bit better. Even if he is just a dog, there’s a lot that he can do to help. This beautiful video demonstrates how much happier a boy’s life can be if he has a dog friend sitting by his side. For most people, human companionship brings comfort and solace when we don’t feel well, but for dog lovers, a dog can have the same effect, maybe even more so because we know the dog doesn’t have to be there with us. He wants to be there with us.

This video brought a big smile to my face, and I’m sure it will do the same to you as well. If you grew up with a dog at home like I did, it will definitely bring back some very fond memories.

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You Won\'t Believe Who Played Nurse\' When This Little Boy Got Sick