10-Year-Old Boy raises funds to protect K9 police dogs

A 10-year-old dedicated his time and money to help protect K9 police dogs. His foundation has become a beacon of hope to hundreds.

Brady Snakovsky is a 10-year-old boy that has shown an incredibly selfless act. He lives in Ohio, and loves the K9 service dogs in his local police department. One day he noticed that some of the dogs were not protected.

As it turns out, the police department couldn’t afford vests for some of the K9’s. Instead of turning a blind eye, Brady went to work to protect his heroes.

He started the Brady K9 fund and slowly raised over $130,000. It was an incredible feat that got the attention of the police department and ASPCA.

Not only were the K9’s protected with new bulletproof vests, but they continue to get support from the fund. Brady changed lives, and continues to do his part for the community.

There is no doubt that Brady has a bright future ahead. He has already shown that his mind is on helping others that are in need. His parents are proud, and his commitment is an inspiration to all.

10-Year-Old Boy raises funds to protect K9 police dogs