15 Toothpaste Life Hacks That You Need To Know…

Repurposing stuff in your home has started to become more and more common. The reason for this is simple: dollars and cents. The chance of saving a few dollars here and there is more appealing in these days of financial uncertainty. It used to be that when we used to think of repurposing, we would think of using coffee containers to store sugar or stuff like that.

Repurposing has given way to using conventional items we have at home in a more unconventional way. Vinegar has proven to be one of those ingredients that you can use in many ways. It has proven to be an excellent multi-purpose cleaner and a very cheap one by the way. There are tons of videos out there that show you how to use vinegar and stuff like baking soda to clean pretty much all your home.

A forgotten ingredient in this frugal craze has been toothpaste. A while ago I found out that toothpaste could be used to clean jewelry and I wanted to try it out for myself. It turns out that it’s an excellent silver jewelry cleaner. The way to use it is very simple. You grab the rings, earrings, bracelet or whatever you want to get clean and you put some toothpaste on it. The secret is using a soft toothbrush and to scrub in circular motions. A couple of minutes of scrubbing is usually enough to have your jewelry as clean as the day you bought it. As a side note, this hack will not work as well for gold pieces, but it will still get them very clean.

Another use for toothpaste is taking care of coffee and tea stains. If you are a coffee drinker, you will surely appreciate this next hack. We all know that when you have your cup of coffee, one of the things you dislike the most is forgetting to throw it in the dishwasher as the coffee sitting there will end up leaving a very nasty stain that most often will not go away.

What you can do in this case is use a little toothpaste and make it all go away. The way you do it is by making sure the object you’re cleaning is dry. This works with all sorts of cups and thermoses, by the way. You pour some toothpaste into the container and you start scrubbing. You don’t need to scrub in any particular way, but you do need to use enough toothpaste.

After about five minutes of scrubbing for the most difficult stains, you only need to rinse it and you’re all done. You won’t believe your eyes when you see that old coffee stain gone for good. Get ready to see 13 more toothpaste hacks that will leave you wishing you had watched this video before!

15 Toothpaste Life Hacks That You Need To Know...